Filming Day

We all arranged to meet at Lisha’s house at 10am, and we had not planned a time to be finished by, however, we had to be finished by 6pm as that is when Lisha was working. The filming took an overall 7 hours, requiring us to film from 10am to 5pm. Luckily enough, we were able to get all the filming done in that one day, which was very convenient for us as it would have been difficult for us to film at any other times due to busy schedules.

We started off by getting all the equipment set up, and getting all of the props prepared ready for filming. The first section of the filming took the longest because it was the part that we had not created storyboards for. This meant that when it came down to it, it was more of a job of seeing what looked best on the camera screen. The camera’s battery kept dying unexpectedly, which meant that we would have to stop recording to let it charge for a bit. We had a few shots from inside the bathroom before she started removing clothes, but then filming started to get a bit more difficult after that. This was because we had to fill the bath with both the water and the seeds, as well as this, we had to put the latex and the seeds on the skin.

Removing the clothes:

This part of filming was seemingly easy because I had already drawn out storyboards for this body of the video. This was the part I was most proud of because despite the actress wearing shorts and a crop top, I was able to make her look convincingly naked. This was a challenge and one of the most important parts of the film to make it look convincing.

Filling the bath with seeds:

This was one of the main disasters of the filming day. This was because the seeds I had tested in my sink were the sesame seeds, but we then used some linseeds in the actual bath. After having tested a few of them in my sink, it turned out that they didn’t float as well in a large basin of water. This created a lot of panic, and so we did all we could to make the bath appear full. This included using spices and other sesame seeds to cover the surface of the bath (coriander seeds and steak seasoning).

Screen Shot 2016-07-18 at 10.23.16.png

Applying the latex:

This was the second biggest mistake that we made during filming. We put the latex and seeds on before Maddy got in the bath, this was because I wouldn’t have been able to apply it if her skin was wet. However, this turned out a lot worse because as soon as she got in the bath, the water seeped under the latex and made it wrinkle up. We had to try everything we could to disguise the wrinkles and it just didn’t work. The cover up idea was that the skin was wrinkled either from the heat of the water  of the seeds under the skin.

We finished off the filming day at around 5pm, when we quickly captured the few last shots including the final scene. Cleaning up after ourselves was also one of the hardest things that we had to do during the filming day.