Course Outline

To start our A2 media course we have been given instructions on the production of a short film to enter into a national film contest. For this contest we are required to make a film that is five to ten minutes long inspired by the word ‘bath’.

This project has to be completed by the end of the year to aid us in the year ahead. The aim of the project is to provide us with further experience, as well as using it as a topic of discussion. The word “bath” or anything bath related has to referenced at least once in the short film otherwise it will not count. We can work in groups of up to 4, making the film process much more efficient. The rules and regulations have been established on the blog ‘Hijackers and Converts’ including suggestions of length as well as other guidelines. The deadline for this work is Friday 15th July so that it can be marked in time. We will have to do planning for this project, however, it cannot be as extensive as in our AS project because we do not have enough time to do so. This means that we are going to need to generate ideas and put plans in place as fast as possible.