In preparation for our final film, we have drawn storyboards of the entire production. We have done this because during the summer project we only storyboarded certain parts, and it made filming more difficult when it came to the actual day. We managed to get the storyboard to reach 5 minutes exactly, which is good because it means that we are en route to being at the right time. The idea of animating the storyboards is to get the overall idea of how the film is going to play out, as well as how it’ll look.

Below I have inserted our finished animated storyboards, that we made using Final Cut Pro X:


Non Diegetic Score Final Decision

As we have very limited time whilst creating this product, as a pair we have come to the conclusion that it would be most efficient to acquire the music from the internet, rather than creating our own.

This is also because, if we do create our own, we would not be able to include music with the variation of musical instruments that we wanted. Because neither of us has very much experience or involvement with the music industry, learning how to play an instrument might have been too time consuming for such a small project. Due to the fact that we would have to limit ourselves to only learning how to play the piano, it would result in us not being able to include the acoustic guitar, or the violins, unless we were able to find someone who had already learnt how to play them. We will be using the website audio network to help us find the music that we were looking for, by using there menus and categories. We aim to use two different pieces of music, so that we can have the change in atmosphere that we desire halfway throughout the film.

Music Updates

Today I spoke to the pianist that work at the primary school I have a part time job at. I asked him if I’d be able to record him playing the piano for this media project. He willingly agreed and I gave him a rough idea of the sort of music that I’d be wanted home to perform.

Instead of getting him to play a five minute long piece on the piano, I have decided that it would much easier to record one section, and have it loop over in the background of the film. However, the aim of composing our own music was so that we could get the exact sound we wanted, which included it to get faster towards the final scene. I will be investigating and looking into how to write and compose sheet music, and I will then be trying to make my own. If I cannot do so, Carl Bird (the pianist) is a very capable piano player and can compose music himself, so I could ask him to help me with it. We have yet to decide whether we wish to have other instruments in the music or whether we are going to stick to simply piano. Violins would be a very good addition, however, our access to violins is very limited and it would be hard to fit the violin with the piano.

Reading Sheet Music:

Learning how to read and write screen music is a very difficult and time consuming process, time that we do not have. I did know how to read and write sheet music from studying music from years 7 to 9, meaning that I do have limited knowledge on the topic.


The image above is of the piano sheet music for the song “Set Fire to the Rain” by Adele. As you can see the sheet music is very complex, and the notes range drastically even in such a short length of music. For our piece, we will be most likely be using base chords as well as the notes within the treble clef, simply because that means that there is more depth to the piece rather than it being a sequence of single notes. For our music, we would only need one minutes worth of chords and notes, it’s just deciding which chords and notes fit together well and can play out nicely.

I have come to the conclusion that it would be simpler and more efficient to have a discussion with the pianist, and describe how I’d like the music to play out, and see what he can do (rather than composing the full piece of music). I will be finding music that sounds similar to the way that we would like it and playing them to him to give him a taste of what we’d like. I will be asking to play one minutes worth of piano, and at the end of that minute I am also going to be recording him transitioning into a faster tempo. I have decided on this because we can loop the first minute of it 4 times, and shorten the last loop at the beginning, and then use the part where he transitions right at the end. This will make the sound continuous, rather than recording the looped section first, and then recording the ending and trying to fit them together.

Considering Other Instruments:

Until we have recorded and heard what he piano music is going to be like, we will be unable to tell if we are going to need other instruments or not. It would be good if we had violins also, but it is going to be very difficult to do so as we have no access to them. At the moment, it is looking as though piano on itself will fit the role perfectly. An isolated piano will have a positive effect on the audience as a piano is often associated with sad scenarios as well as happy ones. This means that we can manipulate the sound to make it more happy at the end but sad in the middle of the production.

Musical Score Ideas

To be innovative, me and Lisha have decided that we are going to try and compose our own score. This was also due to the fact that none of the music that we found on Audio Network, sounded exactly the way we wanted it to. Because our musical choice is so specific, we will be looking into ways to compose our own music, with technological and musical instruments. I have access to a piano, and Lisha can play the trumpet. These two instruments will be helpful to us because we wanted the piece to be mainly composed of a piano and soft sounding instruments. It is convenient that I have access to a piano also, as using a keyboard would not have the desired affect.

Below I will block quote and blog post that Lisha did into making our own music with a site called Garage Band. Garage band is a software that allows you to put together instruments into a rhythm which you can then us for other things.

Screen Shot 2016-10-13 at 17.20.12.png

Garage Band is a software that allows you to make you’re own music. I have decided to see if I could compose my own music for this project. This is because even though I have done research into different music scores, I haven’t found any non-diegetic scores that are perfect for the film I want to make.

The video above is what I made after playing with the software for a few minutes. I know that it has a lot of work, but I am very optimistic about composing our own score for our film. Hopefully, as I keep working on Garage Band, I will become better at working the software and can make music that sounds professional and can fit our film well.

This will be very helpful for us because being able to get an assortment of instruments off one website with be convenient. It also allows us to compose music without being very experienced. The idea of Garage Band is so that you can have access to the wide variety of instruments without actually needing any, or needing to be able to play any. Lisha having done a practice run was incredibly useful as it took her a while to figure out how to initially use the software, and then coming to terms with it.

Prop List

In order to make sure that we are prepared for the day of filming, we have made a list of the props that we are going to need on the days.

For the first day of filming, we are going to need the following:

  1. School uniforms for both of the girls
  2. Full black clothing for the eldest sister to change to during work

For the second day we are going to need:

  1. A card an the envelope that Anastasia gives to Rebecca
  2. The note left on the side by the parents and the £5
  3. Crumpets, waffles and pancakes for the breakfast
  4. Exercise books for the homework
  5. A toy to play with outside
  6. An umbrella
  7. A blanket
  8. Labelled lunch boxes and food to go inside them
  9. The bed time story

On the second filming day we have also asked the girls to bring multiple changes of clothing so that it appears as though the events are taking place on different days. These changes of clothing includes pyjamas for the opening scene.

Scripting and Software

The software that we have chosen to use for our film is called Celtx. This was because the website also includes helpful planning such as storyboarding, and shot lists. It is unclear as of yet, whether we are going to be using this website for the rest of these features because doing that lacks variety.

Because our film style has little to no dialogue, the script was relatively minimal with mostly directions and the few lines of dialogue read out by the sisters. Below I will insert the finalised script:

Thank You Script


Final Scheduling

As we have finally decided which house we wish to use for the filming, it is now time to book the equipment for the holidays. Due to complications with he actors being busy on the Halloween weekend, we have deducted our filming time down to only 2 days of the holidays. We booked out just a bag, which contains a camera, sound recorder and a tripod for the 27th and the 28th of October. The 28th is the day that we are going to be using the lake house. We will be having a very early start to the day because, as it is nearly winter, day time is much shorter. The sun rises earlier in the morning and earlier at night, meaning that we are going to have to schedule to stop filming by around 5pm.

After looking on Google, it says that the sun is due to rise at 7:50am and set at 5:38pm on the Thursday and the Friday. This means that we will be having a start at around 9am and that give us eight hours of film time. It’ll be best for us to time it so that film the outisde scenes at the peak of the sun, so that the lighting is best. It isn’t due to rain on either of the days as well, which will be good for us because it means that on the day that we will simulate rain, it will be a clearly different day to the dry ones.

On the Thursday we shall be filming the school scenes which deducts some of the filming that we will have to do on the Friday. On the Friday, we will be going down to the holiday home and filming there. Is we don’t have enough footage, we can always go back in the next few days if we can find a way to free ourselves.