As a first step to the editing process, we used the storyboards that we have made to put together a basic sequence of the shots that we had. The total thing added up to a time of around 7 and a half minutes.

After continuing editing, we managed to get a rough cut together, that was within the time that was expected. We plan to show it to the class and receive criticisms to edit the final piece. We have uploaded this first edition to Vimeo:

We have sent this version of the final product to a selection of friends on Facebook, and asked for their opinions. One of these people was a university media student. Here is the feedback that we received:

  1. We should remove the transition when she goes to open the door at the beginning, because it indicates that time has past and very little has, it was only to hide a bad jump cut.
  2. We should also increase the length of our dissolves, because they transition too quickly. Because the film is rather slow paced, slower fades will be more suitable. (such as when they’re walking down the road)
  3. The other criticism that we received included the intensity of the non diegetic score, however, we came to the conclusion that there was nothing that we could do regarding this issue because we had already chosen two different musical pieces to fit the film’s atmosphere.

We did not receive any criticisms after having showed it to the class, and therefore, we went ahead and submitted it after having mended these minor issues, and evening out the sound levels. We also exchanged some of the narration for a different version of that dialogue that we had recorded because it didn’t quite sound the way we wanted it to (thank you, for keeping me safe).


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