Creativity and Creative Skills

Pre production:

  • Working with fewer people as time went on: developed creativity skills as it showed that I can work more independently, and rely on less people. It eventually lead to a better product, as more of my input was fed in, and there was less disagreements within a  smaller group
    • Two minute opening: 4
    • Summer project:3
    • Five minute short film:2
  • Gaining inspiration for ideas, and generating ideas from other members of the group (the collaboration process)
    • e.g. finding synonyms for the word bath as Lisha suggested during the summer project
    • I then learned from that, discovering that it was much easier to plan and generate ideas by using methods such as mind maps etc. to help us elaborate on what we had already developed.


  • Improvising when something unexpected goes wrong
    • Actors cancelling
      • Use example of Harriet cancelling when making the two minute opening, then having to change filming dates to suit the schedule of Debbie and Chris.
      • This year, had Paige for the older sister because had already checked with her schedule to see if she could film, also lives with me so we can contact her any time. Had both Macey and Ava for the youngest sister. Planned to use Ava, but asked for Macey as well as she was older and we knew that if Ava were to prove unreliable, we could use Macey as she was older and was also suitable for the role, despite being above the age we had wished for
    • Weather issues:
      • During the two minut opening, we had to set a fire, but it looked as though it was going to rain so we thought we wouldn’t be able to film that scene
      • Led to massive panic surrounding the idea that we wouldn’t be able to get a whole section of footage. Until we cam up with the solution of doing it within a wood, but we still had to find a sparce area, so w didn’t cause any damage to trees.

Post production

  • Editing: being unfamiliar with how final cut works, as we barely needed it for the preliminary task with how little shots there were, and then diving into the two-minute opening without much practice.
    • With increased amount of practice, meant that we were able to do better edits, at a more efficient pace as well
    • Figuring out which transitions were appropriate in certain places. The more we used final cut the more we warmed up to deciding where to use fade to colour and fade to black transitions, to show a time gap. Improved creativity we gained knowledge, and ended up not having to think about where to put transitions.
    • Knowing how long to make shots
    • Knowing how to jump cut between conversations, using over the shoulder shots and additional diegetic sound from the recorder.

Essay Draft One:

Explain how your creativity/creativity skills have developed over time. Refer to a range of examples in your answer.

Our skills have developed significantly within the creativity aspect of our filming since the first preliminary task that we performed in the beginning of our AS levels. This creativity has been improved within all categories of production, meaning that from pre production of each task, through until post production, there have been areas within which practice has enabled us to develop.

Pre production has majorly influenced the development within our creativity skills, due to the fact that it is the first stage of the process, allowing for preparation of the project. Before starting to do any further planning for a future project, we first assign ourselves to groups. Whilst making our AS two-minute opening to a genre of our choice, I worked in a group of 4 people, shortly afterwards, we entered a National Student Film Festival, whereby we had to make a film based on the word “bath, in which I worked in a group of 3. The most recent project that I have done is a five-minute short film as the final A Level product, which I worked in a pair for. My creativity skills have developed from the start of last year in the sense of the collaboration process, as I have been able to work with fewer people as time went on. With less people in the group, it means that we have to be more creative as there are inevitably going to be fewer ideas put forward in the pre production planning process. Collaborating with other people dramatically improved my creativity during the research and planning process, as I am now able to generate ideas much more efficiently. Whilst trying to generate ideas for the summer project based around the word bath, one of the other group members suggested that we were to explore all of the synonyms and association words with bath, by mapping out a spider diagram. Consequently, my creative skills improved after this time, as learning techniques from other people, such as the example provided, aided in my own improvement for future productions. The second process of pre production, within which my creative skills have improved significantly, is planning for elements such as scripting and storyboards. Whilst making the two minute opening to a film within our chose alternate history genre, storyboards were important to map out how the shots were going to be positioned. Although, during this process, we became aware that storyboards are also incredibly useful when it came to previewing the timings of the production, and how the shots were going to be sequenced. To illustrate, in the preliminary task we used storyboards to demonstrate to us, where to position the camera, as the timings of the task was nearly irrelevant. We had to film someone walking into a room, and sitting down, and having a conversation with someone else. During this time, our main focusses were organising the match on actions shots, such as some shots we did, seeing the door open from both sides fluently. On a contrary, this year, we focussed making our storyboards in such a way that it allowed us to visualise how long the piece was going to be. The timings on the five minute film were strict, and therefore, we had to make sure that we went on to animate the storyboards as well, to cut down the shots lengths, or in fact make them longer.

Our creative did improve during the production of the films, however, the production window is very limited, and therefore anything that falls within it is usually filming on the day. It has to be said that our creativity has developed since the beginning of last year, as it became increasingly easier to sort out any last-minute issues we had on the scheduled filming days. To demonstrate this, we asked a teenage girl and her boyfriend to act as the protagonists in our alternate history two-minute opening. They were only scheduled to film within one day, as the rest of the footage could be acquired without having them in it. Unfortunately, the pair had to cancel due to an unexpected occurrence within their immediate family. We then struggled to find another pair to act, as we hadn’t yet thought that far ahead as we believed we could rely on the actors we had already recruited. It took us a little while to find ourselves more actors to play the part, and subsequently pushed back our filming schedule. However, this year, we wanted two young girls to play the main characters of our five-minute film, and as preparation, we asked two children we had hoped to play the part, and another to fill in, in case there were any difficulties. This shows how our creative skills have changed over time, as we have gradually become more organised, having seen what problems we should be anticipating, like unreliable actors, rather than having to deal with the unexpected at last minute.

The final area that our creative skills have improved in is the process after having filmed everything; post production. We found that whilst creating our two-minute film opening, that using one piece of royalty free non diegetic composed score, became repetitive towards the end, but simultaneously, was acceptable as usually a piece of music is more than two minutes long. On the other hand, when deciding which score to overlay our film with this year, we had to think differently. We were aware that we were going to have to loop the same piece of music to ensure that it was consistent throughout the five minutes. Although, we had found last year that the composed score that we had used, became increasingly boring and repetitive towards the end, which led to there never being a change of atmosphere. As further development from this feedback, we decided this year that it would be an improvement to merge two pieces of music, as there is a definite change in atmosphere, as well as it being five minutes long. This was a definite development within our creative skills, as we made the production more complex and professional by transitioning from one score to another.


One thought on “Creativity and Creative Skills

  1. Leah

    The following is the exam board’s description of a level 4 answer, from the January 2012 mark scheme (

    Level 4 (21-25 marks).

    There is a clear sense of progression and of how examples have been selected, and a range of articulate reflections on creative media practice. There is a fluent evaluation of progress made over time. Candidates offer a broad range of specific, relevant and clear examples of real media conventions in relation to creative practice. The use of media terminology and production terms is excellent.

    Complex issues have been expressed clearly and fluently using a style of writing appropriate to the complex subject matter. Sentences and paragraphs, consistently relevant, have been well structured, using appropriate technical terminology. There may be few, if any, errors of spelling, punctuation and grammar.

    I would mark your current answer as being Level 3, possibly 18/25.

    – This is well written, but the last two paragraphs are only tangentially related to creativity. The things you have chosen to write about are fine, but you have to be able to link them to your creative journey. It’s not quite enough to explain how things went wrong and you had to ‘get creative’ to sort them out.
    – Your first paragraph is more like it. Lots of detail, with an explanation of how your productions provided opportunities for your creativity.


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