We have filmed today on the 27th of October. There were complications with the availability of the actors, as something came up for the youngest. This meant that filming time was limited to a few hours. This, however, ended up working out because we only had a few scenes to film out side of the house. It also ended up being okay because Paige had to go to work when Macey had a choir concert.

We set off at 1:30pm and headed for the restaurant that we were going to use as the work place for the elder sister. We decided to film the second half of one of the scenarios first because Paige was available before Macey was. We took Paige dressed in her school uniform to the pub where she “worked” and filmed her getting changed into her work clothes and doing her job. The pub that we filmed at was the West Ashby Arms, after we had got all the footage in and around the pub, we then set off to get Macey, and we filmed the school scenes.

The school that we used to film was Macey’s school in Skegness, which worked out very convenient as the layout of the school and the area around it seemed to fit the way we pictured on our storyboards. It only took a very short amount of time to film the school scenes, as there are only a few shots per scene. After we had got all the footage that we felt necessary, we set off again, dropped Macey back at home and took Paige to work as we had her work clothes with us.

The filming day was overall very successful; getting all of the footage that we wanted, in the limited time frame that we had. We filmed the two scenes: ‘keeping me safe’ and ‘getting money to buy me food’.


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