As we have very limited time whilst creating this product, as a pair we have come to the conclusion that it would be most efficient to acquire the music from the internet, rather than creating our own.

This is also because, if we do create our own, we would not be able to include music with the variation of musical instruments that we wanted. Because neither of us has very much experience or involvement with the music industry, learning how to play an instrument might have been too time consuming for such a small project. Due to the fact that we would have to limit ourselves to only learning how to play the piano, it would result in us not being able to include the acoustic guitar, or the violins, unless we were able to find someone who had already learnt how to play them. We will be using the website audio network to help us find the music that we were looking for, by using there menus and categories. We aim to use two different pieces of music, so that we can have the change in atmosphere that we desire halfway throughout the film.


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