To be innovative, me and Lisha have decided that we are going to try and compose our own score. This was also due to the fact that none of the music that we found on Audio Network, sounded exactly the way we wanted it to. Because our musical choice is so specific, we will be looking into ways to compose our own music, with technological and musical instruments. I have access to a piano, and Lisha can play the trumpet. These two instruments will be helpful to us because we wanted the piece to be mainly composed of a piano and soft sounding instruments. It is convenient that I have access to a piano also, as using a keyboard would not have the desired affect.

Below I will block quote and blog post that Lisha did into making our own music with a site called Garage Band. Garage band is a software that allows you to put together instruments into a rhythm which you can then us for other things.

Screen Shot 2016-10-13 at 17.20.12.png

Garage Band is a software that allows you to make you’re own music. I have decided to see if I could compose my own music for this project. This is because even though I have done research into different music scores, I haven’t found any non-diegetic scores that are perfect for the film I want to make.

The video above is what I made after playing with the software for a few minutes. I know that it has a lot of work, but I am very optimistic about composing our own score for our film. Hopefully, as I keep working on Garage Band, I will become better at working the software and can make music that sounds professional and can fit our film well.

This will be very helpful for us because being able to get an assortment of instruments off one website with be convenient. It also allows us to compose music without being very experienced. The idea of Garage Band is so that you can have access to the wide variety of instruments without actually needing any, or needing to be able to play any. Lisha having done a practice run was incredibly useful as it took her a while to figure out how to initially use the software, and then coming to terms with it.


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