As we have finally decided which house we wish to use for the filming, it is now time to book the equipment for the holidays. Due to complications with he actors being busy on the Halloween weekend, we have deducted our filming time down to only 2 days of the holidays. We booked out just a bag, which contains a camera, sound recorder and a tripod for the 27th and the 28th of October. The 28th is the day that we are going to be using the lake house. We will be having a very early start to the day because, as it is nearly winter, day time is much shorter. The sun rises earlier in the morning and earlier at night, meaning that we are going to have to schedule to stop filming by around 5pm.

After looking on Google, it says that the sun is due to rise at 7:50am and set at 5:38pm on the Thursday and the Friday. This means that we will be having a start at around 9am and that give us eight hours of film time. It’ll be best for us to time it so that film the outisde scenes at the peak of the sun, so that the lighting is best. It isn’t due to rain on either of the days as well, which will be good for us because it means that on the day that we will simulate rain, it will be a clearly different day to the dry ones.

On the Thursday we shall be filming the school scenes which deducts some of the filming that we will have to do on the Friday. On the Friday, we will be going down to the holiday home and filming there. Is we don’t have enough footage, we can always go back in the next few days if we can find a way to free ourselves.


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