As we are only able to film for the first two days of the holiday, and I am busy on the Saturday, we have come to the conclusion that it would be best for us to film at Lakeview 2. This will make very little difference to our plans, as the housing is very similar, and the time has only changed by a week. As Lakeview 2 is available the Friday to Monday, the window of opportunity is significantly bigger than that of Lakeview 1. However, because the holiday home is only open for those days, it does not mean that we can not use the rest of the week to start filming. The majority of our production is planned to be filmed in and around the house, although, additional scenes are to be filmed elsewhere. We can use the rest of the week to film to school scenes.

Because of a shortage of filming equipment, we will be grouping together all of  our filming days, to make it more convenient for our classmates and the teachers. This means that we will most likely be choosing the Wednesday or the Thursday to film the additional scenes.


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