When  deciding where we wanted to film our production, we had to consider the following issues:

  1. The availability
  2. How realistic the area was for the situation
  3. If we were going to pay money for the location
  4. How many different places we wanted to film in
  5. And how long we would have to spend filming at each location

The main concern when discussing the location in our film was how many we were actually going to have to use. Because our film is based on a multitude of different scenarios, inevitably, we had to think about where each of the situations wold be most suitable. For example, it was obvious that the school scenes would have to be filmed in/around a school. We eventually decided that a large house with a large garden would be perfectly suited. It was after this that Lisha informed me of a holiday home site, that situates multiple holiday homes and caravans. The site is very spacious, with plenty of grassy areas to film any garden scenes. The half term that we are due to film in is the 22nd of October to the 31st. This gives us over a week to get any of the footage that we need. Below I shall insert the information that Lisha posted on her blog, regarding the availability of the site:

We will need to email the company to formally book it but I went to the establishment to have a look around suitable living spaces and I am interested in Lakeview 1 and Lakeview 2. I rang earlier today and Lakeview 1 is available from the 21st October-23 October, which is a short time to have the room to film in but the consecutive days will help with continuity.

Lakeview 2, at the moment, has no other customers in from the 28th October onwards, this gives us more time to film but is late on in the half term and therefore we would have to wait a long time to film and if we didn’t film all that we wanted or if we missed parts, we would then have to film at another time which may effect our work at school.

Just in case these two lodges become booked, I have also inquired about Badger’s Den, the log cabin, and that is free from the 28th October also, which puts us in the same position as Lakeview 2. Nevertheless, there are caravans that are free for the half term and therefore if we need to change, we can always substitute the house for a caravan, and this won’t effect our production too much.

The company has also let us use Grange Farm Park to film as long as we respect their facilities. This really helps us because we do not have a large budget. We will still scout other places in case we cannot film here for any reasons, but this is our first choice.

I then found a website for booking the houses: Grange Farm Park

After having a look at some of the images of the area, it can be seen that the location would suit our film perfectly. We have come to the conclusion that we would most like to use Lakeview 1, and this is because it is available at the start of the holiday, rather than towards the end. This gives us the opportunity to record further into the week in case any of the filming that we do, goes wrong. However, because the filming opportunity gap is so small, it does mean that any cancellations or last minute changes may leave us needing to film on the final weekend.

In the image above, the days highlighted in green are when Lakeview 1 is available, and the pink is when Lakeview 2 and Badger’s Den is available.

We also need to think about where we shall film the school scenes, we could film at QEGS, however, the age group is wrong. To improve accuracy, I will be getting in contact with Horncastle Primary, and see if it would be possible to film in that area. Because the primary school is open at all times of the day that ours is, we cannot film outside of the half term. This is because even if we were available to film after all of the children had gone home, the sun is setting sooner now that it is getting to winter. It would not be realistic that the kids would be walking to school whilst it was dark. The only other area that we need to be filming in is the garden areas. There is a playground in the holiday home site, meaning that we can use that and make it look as though it was a separate location to the house.

If there are any further changes to the locations, I will do another blog post to update the process.


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