The two girls that we have asked to be in our film is my younger sister Paige Cannon, and Lisha’s niece Ava Lawton. We have chosen to use these two as the actors as they are perfectly within the age range that we had wanted.

Paige Cannon

I have used Paige before during my other media productions, and she has always proven to be incredibly reliable and very good at acting. Paige is 15 years old, and therefore, just falls short of the age we’d like the character to be. In the majority of my productions, Paige has played a sad character, meaning that she knows what it is like to act “sad”. I have asked Paige to see if she’ll be free on the days we’d like to be filming and she said that she will be, but that on both days she will have to be at work. This will not be a problem because by 5 (the time that she works) it’ll be getting dark anyway, meaning that it wont be suitable for us to film regardless.



Ava Lawton

Lisha’s niece Ava is age 5, and therefore, fits the age bracket perfectly. Ava is very sweet looking and can play the innocent role well. We have also decided to ask Ava’s sister Macey if she’d be willing to film. This is just because Ava is so young, and may struggling concentrating on filming for a long amount of time. Children have a tendency to mess about, meaning that it could get rather frustrating for us to film. It would also shorten the length of screen time that we actually have because most of it would be spent off track. Both Macey and Ava have agreed to filming, and will both be coming with us when we do.



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