To aid our final decision making, we decided to do some research into children’s poems to help us change the set up of the film. Our first idea was that the Rebecca walked into Anastasia’s room to find he diary laying open on her bed. However, this was unrealistic as, a child that young rarely has a diary, especially one that is neat enough to read. They would also not have left it open especially if its supposed to be private. The poems that we found and took inspiration from can be found on the following website: Thank You Poems

We took the majority of our inspiration from the image below, as we found it the most suitable for our film. This is because of the repetition. In one of the video that we took inspiration from, the use of repetition had a significant impact on the audience as it brought up the problem again and again, to remind the audience of the sad events. The other poems that we looked at had either very little repetition, or were too long and complex for the writing of a child. This was another topic that we had to research into, as the card is planned to be written by a young infant. A poem that me and Lisha would write, would be completely different to that of a 5 year old. And so, we are going to have to look at work done by younger children and the style of their writing.


We will only be using this as an outline, because the content is irrelevant, and it isn’t quite how we want it anyway. We have adapted it to make it sound more innocent, by changing “thanks” to “thank you” as it sounds less dismissive. Another change that we have decided to include is only repeating the word “for” rather than the entire statement. This is because during the narration, it has to short and sharp, to have the greatest impact on the audience and will also make it more continuous, by only repeating one word instead of an entire statement.

As part of this research, I have found a website where you can search poems by age of the author. The website is called Young Poets, where I clicked on the age 5 range, and found I few poems written by five year olds: Young Poets. This is very useful for our research, as it shows the simplicity of the language used by a five year old.


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