Lisha and I scripted our pitch and delivered it as the video above shows. In the pitch we describe our plans on some of the shots we want to perform, and the general story of the film we intend to produce. After receiving feedback from the class, we realised we had a few adjustments to make to improve the overall project:

  1. The first change we had to make was the situation the two girls were in. In our original we had the idea of the parents having passed away, leaving the youngest under total care of her older sister. However, it was suggested that the older sister couldn’t have been old enough to legally be the next of kin to the little girl; they would have both been put under the care of their next closest relative. So, instead of this concept, we decided to integrate the idea of their parents neglecting them often, or having alcoholic tendencies, as a result, leaving the eldest feeling obligated to look after her sibling. We came to the conclusion that it would be easiest to have the parents be alcoholic, as we had already explored this idea in one of our other initial propositions.
  2. Our next piece of criticism was to remove “she lies” in the narrative, as well as written in the diary. This was because this was too close to one of the inspirational videos that we watched prior to coming up with the idea. In order to change this, we have decided to do more research into poems to inspire what will be written in the diary of the little girl.
  3. Our third point was more advice rather than criticism. It was said that in this genre of film, the visual aspect is key. By this it was meant that we will have to get the shots and the order perfect otherwise it wouldn’t work. We will be needing to analyse the example films that we have found, to see what kind of shots they have used. As well as shooting techniques, we will also need to think a lot about music to accompany it, and filters. The filters that we need to use are ones that resemble a dream state, to show that everything being shown on screen is reminiscent.



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