We have currently taken inspiration from three of the ideas that I have discussed during the research in this blog. The main inspirational point for our production is the short film “daddy lies” in the previous blog post. However, we also combined this with some of the initial ideas that we came up with. The second point of inspiration was the story of two sisters. We have decided to incorporate this in our final idea, because it was such a catalyst when we first thought of it. In order to include it, we have decided to base the story around the two main characters which will be sisters. This is because we saw what a strong connection two sisters can have in the article we studied. As well as this, we saw the extent of reaction it can have on the audience. The idea of two sisters has such a great impact on people especially when they are very young. This is because most people can relate to the relationship, and people react strongly when the life of an innocent little girl is jeopardised.

The third way in which we used our previous ideas to influence our latest one, is by using the final idea. In the final idea I discussed our plan to base our story on a young girl who has to take on the role of being a mother at a very early stage in her life. We then altered this idea to suit our finalised version, where we decided that the two main girl’s parents would be deceased just like in our eighth idea. Leaving the youngest under the care of the eldest, the older sister would have to become the mother of the family even with very little experience or knowledge.



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