We found three of the videos on Vimeo that inspired our finalised idea. Each of the following videos are heartwarming clips that show how selfless actions can go a long way, and have a great impact on another’s life. This provided the majority of inspiration for the idea, as well as a mix of our previous ideas.

At this point we have it pretty much decided that our final will be closely related to these three. In the first video, it is mainly focused on generosity and how the life of that one man can have an impact on the many other’s, even though it may be having a slightly more negative impact on his own life. In the second video, it is about a father and his daughter, whom aren’t the wealthiest. It is not stated where the mother is, but the father constantly tries to desperately supply for his child whilst lying to her about his happiness.

Each of the three videos are only a bit over three minutes long, meaning that if we are to follow this style of these, we are going to have to add in extra features such as dialogue possible, to include more substance and back story. Because these types of videos have little dialogue, we are going have to include these same aspects in our short film. We are also going to have to pay a lot of attention to the background music. This will mean doing plenty of research into musical scores, both compiled and composed.

Following this post, I will be doing others investigating separate features of these style of videos, and into the genre.


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