As a step forward in our film planning, we decided to put together a list of film ideas that came to our minds instantly. Some of them took inspiration from other films, as well of some being pure imagination.

  1. Our first idea was based on raising awareness for the people caring for those with depression. We decided on this because there is so much awareness raised around depression, and very little for those who help sufferers. To turn this into a film idea, we brainstormed a few initial thoughts. A daughter has a suicidal mother, who has been dealing with depression for several years since the father died. We we then going to develop this into the tale of a girl who slowly got increasingly damaged due to the influence that the mother had over her. We were undecided on how the film ended, and how we were going to present it. We actually had the idea of doing a split screen, showing from the mother’s, and the daughter’s.
  2. The next idea that we came up with was our favourite throughout the many that we created. After having watched the Disney film Frozen with my family, I realised that the story of the two sisters being separated upset them the most. This gave me the idea of having our story based around two little sisters, as it would get to the audience through their sweet faces and innocence. Lisha then said that she had heard of a little girl who pushed her little sister out of the way of being hit by a car, in 2012. After this, Lisha then researched into this and she found an article on the incident, where the girl had actually won an award for her bravery: News Report of Collision. In the article, it explains that two girls, Ramona and her sister Trixie were walking down the street until a 94-year-old woman lost control of her car and started heading towards the two sisters. The eldest, Ramona, was quick to push her little sister out of the way and got hit by the car herself. She was pinned between two vehicles and suffered serious injuries to her ribs, lungs and leg. Ramona was rewarded the Young People’s and Children Award by Avon and Somerset Police. We mainly aimed to adapt this story, and turn it into a narrative. We decided that we wanted the film to start out like the film Stand By Me, directed by Rob Reiner. The film starts off with the protagonist of the film as an older man. He is seen reminiscing on his childhood, with a narration of his voice over the top. In it he explains the event that occurred when he was little, and the film then transitions into the year 1959 when the situation took place. Towards the end of the film, it returns to the present day, where the man reflects on his past decisions, and comes to some form of closure. We took inspiration from this, and came to the conclusion that we wanted to start off with the younger sister, when she is older, with a narration explaining what she has been through. The film then cuts to her and her little sister, playing in a road. The audience is then shown a car speeding out of control, making its way to the two girls. Fast pace shots then represent the eldest sister pushing the younger to the side, and consequently is struck by the speeding car. We planned to end the film with the girl as she is older, once again, reflecting on the fact that she didn’t understand what was going on when she was little. The overall moral to the story was that youth as so blinded by innocence, that the little girl couldn’t understand that her sister wasn’t going to come back. The clip aimed to raise the question of whether being young and innocent is a good thing, or whether it would be better to be aware of what’s going on around them.
  3. Our next idea was actually based on one of Lisha’s relatives. After giving birth, a woman developed post-natal depression. She started to believe that the child she had given birth to was the son of God. Because of this, she started performing acts to show her dedication to the baby. She wouldn’t let anyone touch or see the baby because she believed that he was so sacred. We weren’t entirely sure how far we would take this idea, if we were going to use it. This idea isn’t incredibly favoured by us, as we aren’t certain on how to portray these events.
  4. Fourthly, was a quick idea about a girl that ends up accidentally knocking herself out after falling over. After waking up hospital, she has the mind of herself but from when she was very young in primary school. We took inspiration for this, from the film The Vow, where the actress Rachel McAdams is in a car collision and she loses her memory back up until her high school years. We decided to go for a much more darker turn to it but we were undecided on what that was going to be. Because he hit her head as a teenager, she would have lost her memory for almost half of her life, leaving her almost brain dead. This was where we left the idea as we came up with a few more.
  5. After watching a series called Touch, I proposed to Lisha that we were to make a film about a boy with autism how was able to predict the future using numbers and patterns that he can see in the world. The child can’t communicate like a regular person, and uses numbers to talk to his father. It was a cross between Rain Man and Touch, which were designed to reach the heart of the audience. This would have been very complex to do as we would have to have planned out a whole series of coincidences and sequenced patterns. This would not have only been hard to script, but it would have also been hard to visualise.
  6. Lisha then had the idea that was inspired by the very first scene of the new series on Netflix called Hannibal. This was where a man walks into a house to murder someone. After having killed them, the whole scene reverses and on the screen a question appears that says “how wisely are you spending your time?”. There was supposed to be a moral to the story about how even murderers have emotions that can make them regret their decisions. However, I didn’t really understand the idea, and therefore, it was discarded pretty quickly.
  7. When I went on holiday I went into many shops where there were high pitched noises sounding just outside, to deter younger people who have a potential to damage their property. From this I took the idea of having a noise that only young children can hear, and that is being used as a tactical weapon to turn the children against the more mature people. However, one boy is deaf, and during the time of the sounding, his hearing aid is out, meaning that almost all of the children, bar him, heard it. After this, his mission is to make the adults aware of this event without the other children or the controllers being aware of his rebellion. It is very scientifically based, and therefore, is not one of our favoured options.
  8. Our final idea took inspiration from a poem off  of the wall in the media room. The poem has a tragic accident for every letter of the alphabet. With inspiration from one of the images, we came up with the idea of a story about a girl being left to care for her baby sister on her own. A very unpopular family live in an isolated area, whereby nobody is really aware of their existence. In the family there is a father and a mother, with two children, both girls. The youngest is still a baby (possibly only half a year old) and the other is 7/8. The cupboards of the house are filled with next to nothing but bottles of alcohol and small amount of food, insufficient to feed two growing children. The parents pass away from alcohol poisoning after getting depression from such an awful lifestyle. The little girl has no education, and therefore, is unaware of what has happened to her parents. When he realises that her parents are no longer okay, she takes on the role of looking after her little sister. Because there is only alcohol in the cupboards, and its all she ever saw her parents drinking, she assumes that it is just the norm to drink it. She feeds herself and the baby for a small while, keeping the baby alive on the small amounts of nutrition that the have, but the infant eventually passes away. However, because she is unaware of the state that the baby is in, she continues to feed it. The film ends with the child alone in an unsuitable house, sitting alone in a chair with a deceased baby in the other. This was the cartoon image in the picture.



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