We were provided with the following statement as a guideline for the film we are scheduled to have made before Christmas:

“A short film in its entirety, lasting approximately five minutes, which may be live in action or animated and a combination of the following; a poster for the film, and a film magazine review page featuring the film.”

This is, so far, all we have been given in terms of rules and regulations for the film. It has also noted that there should be no explicit content such as nudity, drug use and sexual activity. As far as the overall film is concerned, the genre and what takes place in the film is entirely down to the students. We have been advised to work individually, or paired as that way the most work is required subsequently being awarded with more marks. The amount of students that can work individually is, however, limited due to the fact that there is a finite amount of filming equipment. 

It has also been suggested that we chose a theme/genre so that there is no risk of the film conforming to no standards and therefore, disabling our ability to meet expectations.


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