As I was getting on with editing the product, Chloe was set the task of finding some music to have playing in the background. We used the same site as we did last year to find the music, as we thought that this would be most practical. This was the site because it has lots of categories in order to find the music that suits what you want best. There are two forms of the website, however, we had to use this one specifically because the original is not exclusive to students and has to be paid for in order to download the music.

Chloe found four pieces of music, each of which varied slightly, carrying different tones. This was useful as it allowed us to compare each piece with the short film itself, and see which suited it most. However, after a while of inserting each score and trying to fit it, they were all too up beat or just couldn’t complement the footage.

After this, I myself looked through the sight and decided that we were not going to be able to use one piece of music individually, but that we were going to have to have two. This was because the mood of the film changed in the middle of the clip. With this, I chose two scores which I thought fit together and lined them up with the correct scene. I had to frequently cut the scores chosen so that the image suited the sound.

The next step to fitting the sound was ensuring that the diegetic sound was not muted by the music. This included increasing the volume of the camera sound, but also trimming the score so that that certain area could be turned down and faded in and out rather than turning down all of the music.


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