One member of our group, Lisha, wrote a first and a second script for the final product. We altered the first script to be more suitable, and to include less dialogue due to the fact that the majority of the clip was going to be filmed alone in the bathroom anyway. After script research undertaken for the AS project, it was clear to us that the most effective scripts were the ones that contained stage actions also. The more detailed the script, the simpler the filming. Therefore, we decided to indicate what we wanted to happen, as well as what some of the shots were going to contain.

As shown in the image above, we plan to have the main character say a few lines of dialogue that help establish what was going on. One of the main problem that we came across when we told people of our idea, was that they didn’t understand how the seeds were getting into the pores when pores are so small. In order to solve this problem, we have Francesca read instructions off the back of the nose pore strip packet. The line “hot water opens pores” is to clearly state that the pores become larger whilst she is in the bath.


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