I knew that we were going to need to have seeds floating on the surface of the bath in our video, and therefore, I took it upon myself to test if this would work. I bought some regular sesame seeds and floated these on top of water to test if they would stay up or eventually sink. The test was successful, and the seeds floated on the top. However, this was only the majority, as the ones that got wet on both sides, sank down to the bottom.

During one of  our media lessons, the issue was raised that regular sesame seeds are a very pale beige. This would make them less visible when placed against skin in order to make the embedded effect. To resolve this problem I tried dyeing the seeds using dark food colouring to make them more visible. However, the addition of the food colouring made the seeds more dense and as a result, most of the seeds sank to the bottom. As well as this,
the dye ran off straight away.

Another aspect that I had to explore was how to ensure that all of the seeds wouldn’t sink down the drain after usage. The best way to resolve this, I found, was the place a cloth over the sink hole, and let the seeds gather as the water filtered through the thin material.


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