We decided to film the project in Lisha’s bathroom. This is because Lisha’s bathroom is very modern, and has a black and white theme. We thought that this would reflect the status of the girl, as we wanted to portray her as being spoiled and pompous. We intend to fill the bathroom with beauty products also, to further imply the idea of her self righteousness.

We plan to adapt the rest of the film to the structure of Lisha’s house. This will be relatively easy because Lisha’s house is very modern and basic. The only areas of the house that we to use are the bathroom (for the majority), the staircase, the kitchen and the front door. Because we are only using a limited amount of areas, the location scouting has been rather easy. The only problem that we discovered with the bathroom was that the walls were tiled from half way down. As shown in the images, the tiles are black, and incredibly reflective. This is a problem for us because when filming in such a small space, it would be hard to get the camera reflection out of view of the shot.


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